3 Risks to Watch Out For When Scaling Your Marketing Team

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Premature scaling is one of the biggest reasons startup businesses fail. If you’re growing fast, how can you keep your marketing team from falling into some of the premature scaling traps? Here are three things to watch for. 4 MIN READ It’s possible to get too big too fast. Same thing goes for marketing teams. … Read more

Is Scrum the Right Way to Manage Your Marketing Projects?

Scrum for Marketing

Does the agile project management approach (Scrum) contain secrets for effectively managing marketing teams and projects?  5 MIN READ The agile manifesto was signed in 2001 at a ski resort in my home state of Utah. Versions of agile and Scrum for software developers are ubiquitous. (Good luck finding a dev team still managing waterfall … Read more

Marketing Team Structure for Startups

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What are the keys to building your marketing team structure, and doing it right?  5 min read Brand or demand? Marketing team structures are all over the place. If you’re expecting a one-size-fits-all org chart, you’re going to be disappointed. Sorry about that. There isn’t a magic structure that fits every company. What’s more, the … Read more

How to Hire a CMO

CMO Marketing Team

For CEOs that need high function from their marketing team, hiring a Chief Marketing Officer (Head of Marketing, Marketing SVP) may be the key to building a marketing team that works. 4 MIN READ The CMO is the foundation on which marketing teams are built. Whether you are ready to make a big hire, or … Read more

On Funnels and Flywheels


There’s a lot of jargon around marketing funnels, motions, and flywheels. Here’s what you should know. 4 min. read There’s been a lot of talk lately about flywheels. Every year Hubspot holds its user conference, Inbound. I should preface my next comments by saying, I’m a fan of Hubspot. I’ve used their product for years … Read more