Is Scrum the Right Way to Manage Your Marketing Projects?

Scrum for Marketing

Does the agile project management approach (Scrum) contain secrets for effectively managing marketing teams and projects?  5 MIN READ The agile manifesto was born at a ski resort in my home state of Utah in 2001. Versions of agile and Scrum for software developers are the obvious default methodology. (Good luck finding a dev team … Read more

How to Design the Perfect Marketing Team Structure (Part 1)

marketing team

Building your marketing team structure, what are the keys to doing it right?  5 min read Brand or demand? Marketing team structures are all over the place. If you’re expecting a one-size-fits-all org chart, you’re going to be disappointed. Sorry about that. There isn’t a magic structure that fits every company. What’s more, the structure … Read more

How to Build a Marketing Team: Starting with the CMO

CMO Marketing Team

For startup founders or CEOs needing to revamp their marketing organizations, hiring a Chief Marketing Officer (a.k.a. Head of Marketing, Marketing SVP) may be your first step to build a marketing team that works. 4 MIN READ The CMO is the foundation on which marketing teams are built It can be tricky to build a … Read more