3 Effective Storytelling Secrets for Marketers


Three storytelling nuggets from world-class screenwriters that can transform how you deliver marketing messages. 6 min. read  Many marketers are natural storytellers.  I’m not. I have to work at it. So I’ve been trying to understand storytelling better. Over the past few years the concept of storytelling has been hogging the spotlight. Countless authors and … Read more

3 Frameworks for Boosting Revenue


This back-to-basics look at how marketing teams drive sales can help energize your team to start winning at the only metric that ultimately matters, revenue.  4 min. read Shaking things up Frameworks can help you regain perspective. At some point, every marketing leader hits a slump. It may be that the frenetic execution of projects … Read more

On Funnels and Flywheels


There’s a lot of jargon around marketing funnels, motions, and flywheels. Here’s what you should know. 4 min. read There’s been a lot of talk lately about flywheels. Every year Hubspot holds its user conference, Inbound. I should preface my next comments by saying, I’m a fan of Hubspot. I’ve used their product for years … Read more

Two Types of SEO


After spending a year going from zero SEO to significant inbound leads and a bushel of first-page results, here are my tips. 6 min. read SEO can be baffling, especially if you’re new to it. If you’re confused by dueling SEO pros on Twitter or Reddit, wondering if you should hire someone (despite the bad … Read more

Staying Worthy of the Customer’s Trust


Consumers are losing confidence in big brands when it comes to their privacy. What’s causing this erosion and what can marketers do about it? 5 min. read Couldn’t we all use a little more privacy? Are big companies doing enough to protect our data? A recent article by AngelList cites a Pew study which suggests … Read more

How to Actually Use the 4 Ps of the Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix

Using the 4 Ps of the Marketing Mix as a practical guide to nail positioning, rather than just a list of ingredients for creating a product. 6 min read You’ve no doubt heard of the marketing mix. Back in 1960, Jerome McCarthy added to the concept of the marketing mix by calling out four Ps. … Read more

5 Tips for Hiring Great Copywriters

Marketing Coopywriting

If a marketing team’s job is to do anything, it’s to communicate. That means we need people who put our message into words; and they need to be good at it. So how do you find and hire great copywriters? Here’s how. 11 min read Here’s some of the best advice for hir­ing great copy­writ­ers. … Read more

How to Write Brand Positioning Statements that Don’t Suck


Writing brand positioning statements gets at the heart of your value prop and core messaging—it’s an essential skill for marketers. 4 min read Several years ago, I wrote Writing the Perfect Brand Positioning Statement where I laid out strategies I learned from Eric Schulz and which have served me well. This is a concise edit … Read more

16 Ways to Get More Leads from Conferences

Event Marketing

Is your marketing team missing out on more leads and revenue by not following best practices for capturing and converting leads from your conference and event marketing? Check out these tips for nailing your next conference. 9 MIN READ Trade shows are often where business gets done. Trade conferences (as opposed to B2C counterparts, consumer … Read more