Author: Chad Jardine

Better Than Mind Reading

Hacking brain chemistry with storytelling 3 min. read I’m fascinated by tattoos.  Maybe because I don’t have any. But in my experience, there’s always a story.  I mean what is a tattoo if not evidence

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Chapter 10. Price Changes

Deciding | Communication Strategies | Execution: Add Value, Timing, Grandfathering Previous Chapter [7 min. read] Pricing policies aren’t static. Costs fluctuate, market conditions change, and our understanding of pricing evolves. Inevitably prices change. And by

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Chapter 9. Pricing in Practice

Unit Economics | Price Leaks | LTV:CAC Previous Chapter | Next Chapter [6 min. read] “Unit economics” is an academic phrase. But it’s really cool and important. Here’s what it means. 9a. Unit Economics The

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Chapter 8. Pricing Optimization

Split Testing | Dynamic Pricing Previous Chapter | Next Chapter [3 min. read] We’ve been painting with a broad brush so far. Big pricing decisions. But what about minor tweaks?  I like to view pricing

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Chapter 7. Pricing Psychology

Customer Type: B2B/B2C | Buyer’s Journey (GTM): Sales-Led v. Self-Directed | Psychology 2Effects and Cognitive Biases Previous Chapter | Next Chapter [15 min. read] The human brain is the most complex thing in the universe. 

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Chapter 6. Price Positioning

STP | Unit of Sale/Value | Marketing Mix Previous Chapter | Next Chapter [5 min. read] Positioning is about context.  To establish context it can be helpful to start from a global, zoomed-out perspective and

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Chapter 5. Pricing Structure

Linear | Partial Tariff | Tiers, Bundling, & Discounts Previous Chapter | Next Chapter [9 min. read] How you structure pricing can impact value, perceptions, and WTP. According to Madhavan Ramanujam, “How you charge is

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Chapter 4. Pricing Method

Cost-based: Asset, Market, or Income (DCF/NPV) | Value-Based: WTP | Markup v. Margin | Surveys: Van Westendorp, Gabor-Granger, Conjoint Analysis Previous Chapter | Next Chapter [13 min. read] Pricing is arbitrary.  The Pricing Uncertainty Principle

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Chapter 3. Pricing Strategy

Value | Demand Curves | Skimming | Penetration | Value Maximization Previous Chapter | Next Chapter [5 min. read] There are three (and only three) pricing strategies: 3a. Skimming 3b. Penetration 3c. Value Maximization Understanding

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