Peace of mind is having a CMO when you need one

CMO Zen lets you access senior marketing leadership on-demand, in the right dose for your budget and your needs.

Early career marketers are great! They can do so much. But they often don’t yet have the strategic experience to take the marketing burden off your shoulders.

You may not need a senior person every day at your stage, but when you need it, you NEED it.

CMO Zen’s fractional model lets you tap into top talent on-demand to design and launch a growth-stage-specific marketing strategy just about anyone can run for you.

Marketing works better with a plan

Strategy is a superpower.

Often outside resources like agencies and contractors are hired into silos.

They struggle to get time from busy CEOs and deliver results that don’t fit the overall direction or context of the business.

Whereas even a few hours from a strategic partner points additional resources in the direction that will produce the best results.