3 Effective Storytelling Secrets for Marketers

6 min. read Many mar­keters are nat­ur­al sto­ry­tellers.  I’m not. I have to work at it. So I’ve been try­ing to under­stand sto­ry­telling bet­ter. Over the past few years the con­cept of sto­ry­telling has been hog­ging the spot­light. Count­less authors and coach­es have extolled its evo­lu­tion­ary ancient-ness and it’s effec­tive­ness as maybe the orig­i­nal and … Read more

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On Funnels and Flywheels

There’s been a lot of talk late­ly about fly­wheels. Every year Hub­spot holds its user con­fer­ence, Inbound. I should pref­ace my next com­ments by say­ing, I’m a fan of Hub­spot. I’ve used their prod­uct for years and I’ve spent a lot of my career doing mar­ket­ing for com­pa­nies at the size Hub­spot is opti­mized for. … Read more

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Two types of SEO

After spend­ing a year going from zero SEO to a sig­nif­i­cant source of inbound leads and a healthy num­ber of first-page results, here are my tips. 6 min read SEO can be baf­fling, espe­cial­ly if you’re new to it. If you’re con­fused by duel­ing SEO pros on Twit­ter or Red­dit, won­der­ing if you should hire … Read more


3 Frameworks for Boosting Revenue

This back-to-basics look at how mar­ket­ing teams dri­ve sales can help ener­gize your team and start win­ning at the only met­ric that ulti­mate­ly mat­ters, rev­enue.  4 min read Shak­ing things up At some point, every mar­ket­ing leader hits a slump. It may be that the fre­net­ic exe­cu­tion of projects has forced you into the weeds too … Read more


16 Ways to Get More Leads from Conferences

Is your mar­ket­ing team miss­ing out on more leads and rev­enue by not fol­low­ing best prac­tices for cap­tur­ing and con­vert­ing leads from your con­fer­ence and event mar­ket­ing? Check out these tips for nail­ing your next con­fer­ence. 9 min read Trade shows are often where busi­ness gets done. Trade con­fer­ences (as opposed to B2C coun­ter­parts, con­sumer … Read more